A Faith Community that Reaches Out From the Heart

We are blessed to have so many visitors and part-time residents that make
Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church their home away from home. 
We would like to include you in the exciting life of our church in some kind of
meaningful way, so we invite you to join us as an Associate Member. 

 An Associate Member is encouraged to be an active participant in worship
whenever possible and also to share with us your time, talents, gifts, and prayers. 
We invite you to participate in areas such as music, Bible study, prayer chain,
worship assistance, education, and committee activities. 
You will receive our weekly "Field Guide to LOTM" keeping you informed of upcoming events,
Theo-talk topics, local and worldwide outreach giving opportunities, celebrations, special service times, and more. 

 We are not a substitute for your home congregation, but a complement to it! 
Associate Members are vital to the strength and energy that makes LOTM a special place.

 If you are interested in Associate Membership, or simply wish to be on
our email list, please call the church office at 970 468-6809 or email