A Faith Community that Reaches Out From the Heart

The goal of our outreach ministry is compassionate outreach. 
We are deeply committed to intentionally
planning and organizing ways
o reach out to the world and our community, both with our "second offering"
received the fourth Sunday of each month (excluding December) , as well as "hands-on" service.   
These efforts help support local, regional and world-wide needs.

January:  $4348  LOTM Emergency Fund
February:  $4780   Namibia Scholarships

(Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Matching Funds)
January:  $3090 (Thrivent $400) Emergency Assistance Fund
February:  $4813 (Thrivent $400) Namibia Scholarships
March:  $1956 (Thrivent $400) Friday Food Program
April:  $1611 (Thriven $400) Manchay, Peru home building
May:  $6060 Family & Intercultural Resource Center
June:  $1080 (Thrivent $400) La Puente, Alamosa
July:  $1422 (Thrivent $400) Dillon Valley Elementary Books
August:  $1034  Lutheran World Relief
September:  $1756 (Thrivent $400) Timberline Adult Day Care
October: $1456  (Thrivent $400)  Habitat for Humanity
November:  $1383  Cambodian Water Wells
Total for 2013:  $55,661

(Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Matching Funds)

January: $2,125 for Lutheran World Relief.
February:  $8,196  ($500)  for Namibia Scholarships
March:  $3,884 for LOTM Emergency Assistance Fund
April:  $1107 ($300) for Street Reach
May:  $2,324  ($400) for FIRC
June: $$2,875 ($400)  for Peru
July:  $1,399  ($300)  for Dillon Valley Elementary School
August: $1.672  ($400)  for La Puente
September: $1871($300)  for Timberline Adult Day Care
October:  $5,429 ($300)  for Haiti Seniors
November: $1850 ($400)  Mile High Chapter of the Red Cross
Total for 2012:  $75,305


January: $556 + $200 (Thrivent) to Lutheran World Relief

February: $7,6019.50 + $500 (Thrivent match) for Namibia Scholarships
March: $1,692 + $500 (Thrivent) for Good Samaritan Home, Jeremie, Haiti
April: $1,713 + $500 (Thrivent) for Japan Earthquake Relief
May: $644 + $500 (Thrivent) for Community Dinners
June: $2,950 for Home Building in Manchay, Peru
July: $1,732 + $300 (Thrivent) for Books and Supplies, Dillon Elementary School
August: $1,557 + $500 (Thrivent) for La Puente, Alamosa
September: $1652 + $472 (Thrivent) for Family Intercultural Resource Center
October: $408 + $438 (Thrivent) for Domus Pacis
November: $1,060 + $500 (Thrivent) for Peace Lutheran Church, rebuilding project, Joplin Missouri
December: No second offering

TOTAL FOR 2011: $45,990.50


January, Haiti:  $42,380
February, Namibia:  $6437
March, La Puente:  $1631
April, LWR:  $832
May, Community Dinner:  $1594
June, Manchay, Peru: $1681
July, Dillion Valley Elementary:  $1060
August, Haiti:  $7251
September, Domus Pacis:  $1745
October, Emergency Help Fund:  $5473
November, Namibia:  $1615
No Offering in December
Total for 2010: $92,500



January - $576  Lutheran World Relief
– $2375 Haiti  ($800 Thrivent)
March - $1588 –
FIRC  ($800 Thrivent)(Christ Lutheran contributed $334)
April - $736 
Youth Mission
May  – $8267 
Building Homes in Peru  ($557 + $7710 non LOTM)
June  – $4132 
Community Dinner ($1600 Thrivent)($750 from Marcello’s)
July  - $735 
School Supplies
August  - $3542 
La Puente  ($1346 Thrivent)
September  – $763 
October  - $1286 
Lutheran World Relief
November - $1741
Domus Pacis  ($667 Thrivent)
Total for 2009: $45,741


Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Below you will find a brief description of some of the
recipient organizations of our monthly "Second Offering."

To donate to one of the below causes send your check to:
PO BOX 1059
Dillon, Colorado 80435
"note" your check for the specific cause

Thrivent Financial matches many of our Second Offerings up to $500


Dillon Valley Elementary School - Summit County, Colorado

   Project Objectives - In 2009 LOTM adopted the Dillon Valley Elementary School to support their efforts in bi-lingual education to a culturally diverse population of students.  Dillon Valley has a 63% minority population, creating unusual teaching challenges and a need for outside support.

   Current Activities - In 2009, we provided a variety of school supplies which were given to the school to distribute according to need.   LOTM volunteers have been assisting students in reading, science, homework assignments, supporting the chess club, and math games on the computer.  Volunteers have also worked at home cutting patterns for art projects or bulletin boards.

     In 2011 $1750 was given towards books for a take-home reading program. 

   More volunteers are needed. 



   Project Objectives - The objective is to affirm God's love for all people by working with Lutherans and partners around the world to end poverty, injustice, , and human suffering.  LWR acts on behalf of US Lutherans and the ELCA through international relief and development.

  Current Activities -  Digging wells to ensure that women and children can work and go to school, giving farmers the tools they need to grow better and more plentiful crops, responding when disasters strike:  this is the essential work of Lutheran World Relief – empowering people to end poverty, hunger, disease and conflict.

  LWR is presently working in Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  In Africa LWR is at work in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In the Americas, assistance is given in the United States, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

  Specific projects include:  Health kits for people who must flee their homes quickly, Haiti earthquake relief for rural communities to provide for food, water, temporary shelter and sanitation, as well as long-term needs that include restoring local economies, rebuilding infrastructure, getting people back to work, and providing for health and sanitation.  School kits provide supplies for children returning to school after the disruption of war.  Fair Trade Handcraft Project where artisans are paid fairly for their handcraft.

 At LOTM, we enjoy the crafts each holiday season at our World Trade Fair and the Fair Trade Coffee Project ensures that more of the money you spend on coffee reaches the farmers who actually grow it.  It can mean the difference – quite literally- between surviving and not surviving for small-scale coffee farmers.   LOTM has contributed generously to Lutheran World Relief for many years.  Photo: A displaced child received items including a health kit and other things in the Phillippines.


Jeremie, Haiti - Good Samaritan Senior Center

   Project Objectives - Our goal is to support the lives of the elderly poor by providing shelter, food, and care in Jeremie, Haiti.  Our objectives are to refurbish The Good Samaritan Home for Seniors and provide monthly food support.  In 2008 we repaired the roof of the dining room.  In 2009 we partnered with Summit County Rotary and Thrivent for funding and installed a new water tank, septic system, toilets, showers and sinks. In 2010 we equipped and installed a kitchen and furnished a dining room.  Over $6000 was raised. 

   Current Activities - Primary to all support is a monthly food allowance.  Every month we send $1000 to feed the seniors and staff. 

 Due to the massive earthquake on January 12, 2010, refugees began surging out of Port au Prince to return to the homes of friends and relatives in the countryside villages, like Jeremie.  We are seeking ways to feed the many refugees flooding the area.  The LOTM second offering for Jeremie earthquake support allowed us to provide over three tons of food and medical supplies.  The LDS church in Haiti donated approximately 1000 hygiene kits, 120-25 pound bags of beans, 100 water filtration bottles, 100-25 pound boxes of rice, and 2 pallets of shelf stable milk (2000 servings per pallet).  Additional aid was donated by a warehouse in the Dominican Republic. Air and ground transportation for the aid was provided by our relief assistance.  Additionally, 15 family sized tents have been sent to Port au Prince for emergency shelter and we continue to provide supplemental food support to children and families in Jeremie.   

Feed A Senior - There are 19 senior residents at the Good Samaritan Home and 3 staff members.  The cost is $40.00 per month to supply one person with rice and beans.  Several friends and supporters of Jeremie Relief have pledged monthly food support on a long term basis.  More pledges are needed.   Photo:  A resident of the senior home in Jeremie.


La Puente Home - Alamosa, Colorado  - web

   Project Objectives - La Puente serves the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, providing emergency shelter, food assistance, transitional housing and self sufficiency services, homeless prevention, community outreach service, community gardens, as well as job training and employment services for the homeless and community members in crisis.  La Puente endeavors to meet immediate needs and empower people to live independently and with dignity.  

In 2010, La Puente Shelter will provide 10,000 nights of emergency shelter for over 1,000 people including families, migrant farm workers and others in need. In addition, the 50 bed shelter will provide over 43,000 meals for both shelter guests and community members in need of a hot nourishing meal. In addition to offering an abundance of programs, La Puente operates a number of entrepreneurial businesses to help support their mission including the Milagro Coffee House, Sky Vue Motel, Hunt Avenue Boutique and the Rainbows End Thrift Store.  

   Current Activities  -  Lord of the Mountains formed a partnership with La Puente in the Fall of 2009 taking two separate trips to Alamosa.  Our groups worked on a number of projects including painting fences around the shelter, working in the community gardens, building bunk beds for volunteer housing, preparing meals for the shelter and gleaning carrots from the fields for the food bank. In addition to volunteer hands-on activities, Lord of the Mountains purchased a much needed commercial stove for the kitchen as well as 100 sets of soups bowls and flatware.  

In 2010 we have reserved space for another group of 15 scheduled for the week of June 20-26th.  Due to its close proximity to Summit County, La Puente provides an excellent and affordable opportunity for LOTM members and especially youth members to participate in their first mission trip.

 Photo:  Children gleaning the fields around La Puente near Alamosa.


Community Dinner - Silverthorne, Colorado

   Project Objectives - The inspiration for the Community Dinner came from the LOTM Outreach Committee.  Deborah Hage solicited Rotary who provided a matching grant to get the program running.  The Silverthorne Elks Lodge joined as a co-partner and provides the kitchen, food storage, and dining facilities.

  The objective is to provide a free weekly community dinner that welcomes everyone regardless of need.  It focuses on underprivileged families with children within our community, and solicits support from organizations throughout Summit County in order to make the dinner a true community event.

   Current Activities - In the first year of operation, from March 3, 2009 to March 2, 2010, over 11,727 meals have been served including 3,672 to children.  In addition to LOTM, Elks and Rotary, the dinners are now supported by a broad variety of businesses and organizations:  Republican Women of Summit County, SOS, The Optimists, FIRC, The Knights of Columbus, Dillon Community Church, Summit Youth Hockey, The Community Care Clinic, Colorado West Mental Health, Land Title, the Summit High School Spanish Club, and the Frisco Elementary School staff.  Major donors are LOTM, The Summit Foundation, and The Rotary Club of Summit County.

Besides private donations and meals that are prepared by the volunteers, food has been donated by Gilchrist Catering, A-Basin, Zuppa’s in Breckenridge, Dillon Dam Brewery, Copper Mountain, Arapahoe Café, The Keystone Lodge, Pug Ryan’s, and Food Hedz.  Safeway donates bread and deserts donated weekly.  Numerous chefs, notably Doug Schwartz help out as needed.

The Community Dinners serve approximately 250 to 400+ people each week.  They have proved to be truly helpful to many minority families, resort personnel, and those struggling financially as well as providing a friendly gathering place for others

Photo:  Mac handing out desserts at the dessert table.


Namibia - Student Scholarships

roject Objectives -
Our goal is to raise the 10th grade pass rate in one tribal area to 60%.  Only 30% of the children in the tribal areas of Namibia currently pass 10th grade.  85% of the children in our tribal area are either orphans, their parents have AIDS, and/or they live on less than 25 cents a day.  11th and 12th grades are not available in the area, so they have to attend a boarding school which costs about $225 per year.  Because they can't pay for 11th and 12th grades, there is little incentive to bother passing 10th grade.

The tribal areas are communal which means that any child who gets an education (and consequently a job) is obligated to fund the education of her own children and of at least one other child in his extended family.  The one child we funded 16 years ago has educated 4 additional children.

   Current Activities - In 2010, 32 students are receiving scholarships for 11th and 12th grades.  We raised $5437 in February and Thrivent awarded an additional $1000 in matching funds.

Our first group of recipients finished 12th grade this year.  Only one did not qualify for tertiary education.  However, half of those who qualified are taking a remedial English course before they can begin regular course work.  Therefore we are now supplying each scholarship recipient with a pocket English dictionary and an English-Oshikwanyama dictionary.  We are also requiring them to write a letter each trimester in order to receive the scholarship payment for the following trimester.  We plan to gradually increase the difficulty of the writing assignment. 

We recently noticed that the schools in the tribal area are becoming more competitive and have begun to adopt practices of the better performing schools.

Photo:  A scholoarship recipient.


Manchay, Peru - Home Building Project

   Project Objectives - Since 2004, the primary objective has been to follow whatever course is necessary to improve the human condition of impoverished lives in Manchay, Peru. 

At the outset, the objective was to build a shelter for abused and battered women.  Later we built a classroom for handicapped children at Virgen del Rosario elementary through secondary school.  Next we built classrooms that were desperately needed at the overcrowded school.  We completed the roof of the main church.

Finally we built four houses in 2006, five in 2007, five in 2008 and three in 2009.  Five more were bult in 2010. Each home costs $2500 and each member of the mission team pays there own way to Peru to work. 



Grant Avenue Street Reach
Loaves and Fishes at St. Paul's  Lutheran Church
, Denver   
Every Monday we share the same spirit as they did in Jesus' day. Street Reach serves the hungry, the lonely, the homeless and the disenfranchised of Denver. We offer a warm place to visit, coffee and donuts in the morning. 

Back in the kitchen our 100% volunteer staff start preparing the noonday dinner which is served from 1 to 5 PM. With sincere gratitude we thank the generous donations from the community of Parker and the Safeway store in Evergreen. We are able to rescue produce, deli and bakery that otherwise would be thrown in the dumpster. This "Rescued" food helps us to serve three hot entrees, fruit and green salads, bread and dessert, as well as, sandwiches and spaghetti to go.  

We serve 800 to 1000 hungry people every Monday, even on holidays. Kathleen, our director, has one directive, "we do not serve anything we would not eat ourselves," The unrecorded spirit of the group, we give a kind word, a gentle hand and occasional clothing. 

Every volunteer is appreciated. We are delighted to see many smiling faces every Monday. We thank you for your continuing monetary support. May God Bless our guests as well as those who support this project.



see their website - click



see their website



Frisco, Colorado

The mission of Timberline is to provide quality day time care for adults with special needs and respite for caregivers. This include persons who are isolated and lonely, challenged physically or mentally, living with caregivers who need a break, limited in their ability to function independently and need help during the day. Timberline is the only agency providing respite care for adults in Summit County.

Log on to Timberline' website to see the nature of their services. 



Habitat for Humanity (local chapter)

Cambodian Water Wells Project


Other Outreach Projects over and above the Second Offering include Operation Christmas Child
and the Lutheran World Relief Handcraft Project - Global Trade Fair.