Background and Approval Instructions

Why Update Now?

The current LOTM Constitution was approved on January 27, 2019. The ELCA Model Constitution for Congregations was updated in August 2019 after approval by the 2019 Churchwide Assembly. It is an ELCA requirement that the LOTM Constitution and Bylaws be in conformity with the ELCA Model Constitution prior to issuance of a Pastoral Call.

The LOTM Council voted at their March 23, 2021 meeting to recommend that the congregation approve the proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws at a congregational meeting on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 10:00am. Before attending and voting, please review either, or both, .pdf versions of the new Constitution and Bylaws:

What Changed in the Constitution?

Most changes to the Model Constitution are clarifications of existing procedures and processes. A new section was added (C10.08) that enables meetings to be held by electronic means. Bylaws are now included in the constitution itself, under the relevant sections, instead of being a stand-alone document.

What Changed in the Bylaws?

Bylaws provide explanatory material to supplement the Constitution itself. The Model Constitution recommends term limits for officers of the Congregation Council and this has been incorporated in section C11.03.01. The remaining new bylaws describe high level duties and responsibilities of organizations within LOTM. Detailed information can be incorporated in the existing LOTM Policies and Procedures document as appropriate.  

How to Review the Constitution and Bylaws

The format of the Constitution and Bylaws document to be approved is as follows:

  1. Mandatory constitutional provisions are preceded by an asterisk.
  2. All Constitutional provisions are in bold face type and are identified by 2 sets of numbers (e. g. C11.01).
  3. All bylaw provisions are in light face type and are identified by 3 sets of numbers (e. g. C11.03.01).

Questions or Suggestions

Please contact the church (970-468-6809 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to reach:

  • Craig Bolt, Transition Team Member, regarding the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Amy Simper, Council President, regarding the Search / Call Team nominees.