Our survival depends on clean air, water, and healthy food. Every cell in our bodies depends on the nutrients in our food which come from the soil. To get the same nutrients your grandparents got out of one orange 75 years ago, you would have to eat 8 oranges now. Why? Worldwide destruction of nutrients in our soil affects you, your loved ones, every person and creature on the planet. Good news! There are solutions and actions we can take.

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In two sessions on March 20 and 27, 2022, LOTM hosted a viewing and discussion of a brilliant documentary, "The Need to Grow," which we recommend you watch. The film explores the importance of changing our currently destructive agricultural systems to "Regenerative Agriculture" which preserves the soil and promotes healthier produce, while minimizing the use of toxic chemicals. Several local experts on this topic joined us for the Question and Answer period. You can watch the two LOTM Table Talk sessions in our Archives (Part 1 - 2022/03/20: Introduction, Part 2 - 2022/03/27: Discussion following movie). 

You will see riveting stories of courageous individuals – a girl scout, a micro farmer, a genius inventor, and others, who are trying to address soil quality depletion. Solutions being implemented by farmers and ranchers may avoid future wars caused by drought and famine. We can't afford to ignore what's happening. You can watch the movie trailer for"The Need to Grow."

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This shared Google Doc contains documentaries, books, Ted Talks, websites, and links to individuals and organizations working on solutions for improving nutrition, including many in Summit County. We want to encourage collaboration, so please send us an email with suggestions, corrections, comments that we will add to the document for everyone to benefit from.

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