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Care Team | Hospitality | Card Ministry | Prayer Ministry | Counseling

Care Team

Care Team volunteers respond to the short term needs of members of our congregation. We provide a variety of services such as meals, transportation, shopping, caregiver support and other assistance. Recipients may need help due to an injury, illness, trauma or stressful times, such as the arrival of a new baby or a move to a new house.

We learn of special needs that arise directly from those who request help, as well as from our Pastor or congregation members. As a Care Team volunteer, you can help someone in need and experience the blessing of God’s presence and spirit of compassion working through you.

Anyone can request Care Team assistance or join the Care Team by contacting the Care Team leader through the church office.

Hospitality for Special Occasions

IMG 1500Lord of the Mountains carries on the tradition of gathering together for special occasions and sharing a meal. The hospitality team organizes and sets up potluck meals for events at our church, such as holiday celebrations, funeral receptions and other occasions.

The Hospitality Team shares a time of fun and camaraderie while working together to provide a warm atmosphere and bountiful buffet for our members and guests. Our talented chairperson organizes everyone and everything, so it’s always a pleasure.

Prayer Ministry

As a Prayer Team, we are responsible for taking the requests we receive for prayers and “sending them around the world” as it is so aptly stated during our worship service. We take requests from anyone and for anything, whether it is a member of our congregation, someone in the community or anyone anywhere in the world, because we are all united in our humanity. We send these requests to a large list of wonderful people in many places who have expressed an interest in joining together in prayer for help, strength, peace, or other needs.

If you would like to share your compassion by seeking divine help for people facing difficult challenges, volunteer for the Prayer Team. It is a good ministry if you have limited time since it takes about 20 minutes each Sunday during one month per year. The only requirement is the ability to send, receive and forward emails to a distribution list--or be willing to learn.

Card Ministry

LOTM Card CommitteeCard Ministry volunteers send cards to church members and friends who are grieving, dealing with illness or needing words of encouragement. We also send cards to members and friends who are celebrating the blessing of a new life, accomplishments or other occasions of joy and gratitude.

Members of the Card Ministry select one month each year to serve in this quiet, meaningful ministry.

Names of card recipients are gleaned from the prayer chain or by word of mouth. We know parishioners and friends who receive these thoughtful expressions of prayers and caring are grateful because they have told us so. For example, a 16-year old member recently made a point of expressing how meaningful a card from the church was to her when she was suffering from a debilitating soccer injury.

If you would like to participate in this ministry, please contact our team leader through the church office.

Counseling or Spiritual Direction

We all need counseling and/or spiritual direction at some point. Sometimes life gets complicated, and it is good to have someone who can listen with their heart and then respond with the right questions to lead you toward the future you desire.

If you need grief support, pre-marital and/or marital counseling, life guidance, spiritual growth or any other soul work, please contact Pastor Kate Davidson through the church office.