Annual Report 2020

The many exciting LOTM ministries, committees, outreach programs, and faith, family and fellowship activities are described in the report. We welcome new participants and always appreciate volunteers. We hope you will consider joining one or more of these wonderful ways to make friends and make a difference. 

Table of Contents

  • Welcome and Mission
  • President’s Report
  • Celebrations: COVID-19 protocols, Donations, New Resources, Faith Formation Activities, Facility Improvements, Community Involvement and Communications, Fellowship Activities
  • 2020 Leadership Teams: Staff, Council, Faith Formation, Fellowship/Hospitality, Family/Congregation Outreach, External Outreach, Church in Society, Stewardship/Development, Administration, Personnel Team
  • Pastor Liliana Stahlberg Letter of Resignation
  • Action Items: Approval of 2020 Minutes, 2021 Budget, and Voting for New Leaders
  • Minutes of the Annual Congregational Meeting, 1-26-20
  • Treasurer’s Report: Final 2020 Financial Status, Proposed 2021 Budget
  • Nominations: Candidates for Church Council, Charitable Endowment Fund Board, Nominating Committee, Rocky Mountain Synod Representatives, Nominating Team
  • Team, Ministries, and Committee Leaders' Reports: LOTM congregational, community, and global outreach activities; Faith Formation, Family, and Fellowship activities.
  • Rocky Mountain Synod 2020 Annual Report excerpts: Letter from Bishop Jim Gonia, 2020 Highlights, RMS Welcome Statement, and Ministry Spotlight

LOTM Church Council President's 2020 Report, by Amy Simper

2020 was an astonishing year filled with sadness, abrupt changes, and frequent adaptations. Phrases such as “the new normal” and “I’ll send you a zoom link” entered our vocabulary. LOTM’s church leadership faced significant transitions by implementing COVID-19 restrictions, filling several vacancies on Church Council, hiring a fantastic Church Administrator, and accepting Pastor Liliana’s resignation. Somehow, we thrived by employing new methods of web communication, an updated eNews, and electronic financial contributions. 

LOTM’s vision, timing, and serendipitous financial support allocated in 2019 for 2020 made it possible to replace a patched together sound system with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology. With the extraordinary work from Nick Keelan and Bruce Buehner, LOTM was able to quickly transition from worship in a sanctuary filled with people to live streaming and virtual services, memorials, and other special events.

Church Council created paths that helped us listen to people’s thoughts and needs. Throughout this year, despite the limits of Covid-19 protocols, LOTM has striven to maintain our approachability, diversity of programming, and community involvement.

It has truly been an honor for me to have worked with so many dedicated and talented leaders at LOTM. I remain forever grateful for those who took personal risk to continue to operate our Day Services ministry, provide music, conduct Second Offering Sunday fund raisers, and for the staff and volunteers who filled the gaps of LOTM’s daily functions. I especially acknowledge and respect the choices of others to remain safer at home yet continue their spiritual life and connection to LOTM. It is remarkable how many non-local friends and members of LOTM attended virtual Sunday services and programs such as Bible Study.

Throughout this endless stream of adaptation, we look forward to a time of coming together once again. Until then we will remain in transition, seeking an interim pastor, then laying the groundwork to prepare for a new pastor. What does not change, as demonstrated by our having ancestors of all races, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses, is our faith.  What is not different during this year of massive change is our faith.

Blessings and Namaste