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After the departure of  Pastor Stephanie Kopsch in May 2016 Pastor Liliana Stahlberg answered a synod call as a re-development pastor. This change in leadership precipitated a year-long process of redevelopment within Lord of the Mountains. As the Lutheran Church approached the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, the congregation leadership decided to refer to this process as "Re-Formation." A re-formation team of nine members of the congregation, along with Pastor Stahlberg, conducted over 120 interviews and held small group discussions with the goal to bring clarity to the identity of LOTM as an ELCA congregation.  

In 2018 the re-formation team presented a report to the congregation. The team found that the congregation wholly supported the mission and welcome Statements. They revised the theology statement and developed a new vision statement. In addition, the team presented recommendations for action on governance, policies and procedures, worship and music, building a relational and engaging church, outreach, finances, and facilities.

This Re-Formation Report has guided the work of Lord of the Mountains Church. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic interrupted the congregation's work on the recommendations for action, however, the congregation is committed to returning to the report and moving forward with the recommendations as COVID restrictions are lifted.