By John Preckshot

The corona around our sun cannot be seen until there is an eclipse. That is the only time it is visible to the naked eye. So perhaps the coronavirus is bringing us corona vision. We are now seeing things that we have not seen before. I know that when Sue and I take walks, we are constantly seeing things that we had not noticed before. Maybe we were just preoccupied. But now at a much slower pace with no distractions, we are seeing our world in Summit County thru an entirely new light. So I will be looking for corona vision in the weeks to follow to find those really beautiful or special things that I had missed before.

I took the Deep Peace recommendation that pastor made last week and took it back to my small (4) work team. I know some of them are quite anxious about what is going on in the world. We have made our working mantra, “Calm Conquers COVID”. We work within that mantra and pass it along to others that we come in contact with. Perhaps that is why churches traditionally end their services with, “May the PEACE of God which passes all understanding, be in your hearts and minds, thru Christ Jesus”. Sometimes it is the little things that we otherwise miss, that mean the most. Namaste.