By Theresa Domzal


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the ongoing FIRC food distribution program. A whole trunk load of food was donated last week through LOTM! We know the need is great. No one in Summit County should go hungry if we share our wealth. Food can be dropped off at LOTM and will be delivered weekly to the Summit Middle School in Frisco where the food collection has been centralized. Thank you for opening your hearts and your pantries!

The following was originally posted on March 30, 2020

Last week food donated to LOTM for our Day Services program far exceeded our immediate need. So we donated to FIRC some of our granola bars, canned vegetables and cereal. Not only do we still have plenty for our immediate future, but our clients can also go to FIRC for food distribution when we are not open. By centralizing the distribution of food at FIRC, we provide for the larger community.

Feeding the hungry in our community is both our duty and our privilege.

The need for nonperishable food continues. If anyone wants to drop off food at LOTM, we will take those donations to FIRC. They especially need staples, like peanut butter, tuna and mac & cheese. The need is great!