by Christy Reinking

Although our current global health crisis is at the forefront of everyone’s concerns, it doesn’t take a pandemic to produce a gaping hole in the fabric of a person’s (or family’s) routine.  A surgery, tragedy, unexpected move, loss of job, illness, the joy (and stress) of a new baby . . . . these are the challenges a community such as LOTM continually faces. The CARE Team at LOTM  steps in as needed to help ease the burden and worry these challenges bring. For a number of years the team has provided meals and transportation as well as being prepared to assist with visitations, food shopping, and necessary tasks.  The team is a group of LOTM members who help when and how they are able and includes folks who have themselves been care-receivers as well as care-givers.

If you or someone you know could use a helping hand please contact the LOTM office and the request will be forwarded to a team member.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has created its own category of need, there is a CARE Team response set up for the specific purpose of picking up and delivering groceries, medications, and other essential items. 

The people who receive CARE Team support have always been so appreciative.  A recent recipient of a meal delivery said, “Thank you again so much.  You truly embody the welcoming and inclusive spirit that LOTM is all about.”

Click here to learn more about our volunteer CARE Team and consider joining us in this very rewarding mission.

CARE Team image