by Darlene Muschett

"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it." Song of Solomon 8:6-7

I had just begun a new job and settled in a new place after college graduation, and I remember getting on my knees - back when I still could - and asking God's guidance in finding a mate. My prayer was answered because the next morning, this thought came to mind: "Why don't you write to Doug Muschett?  He's a great guy." (I had met him and seen him a couple of times before graduation.) Long story short: on Sunday, April 5 we celebrate 51 years of marriage!

Although today's scriptures refer to romantic love, love comes lots of ways through spouses, significant others, parents, children, friends and co-workers. And all relationships take work, for we all experience floods - times of struggle, pain, or situations that seem beyond resolution. Yet the love God gives us for each other is stronger than any force opposing it. With God, the power of love will neither be quenched nor drowned.

My prayer is "Guiding God, lead us in each of our relationships."  From The Word in Season, second quarter, 2020 Augsburg Fortress Press, Author, Darlene Muschett

PS. At first I didn't think this devotion fit well under "Stories of Hope." Then Doug told me, "If you and I can live together for 51 years, there is hope for everyone!"