by John Preckshot

“What’s The Plan, Stan?”

That is usually the first phrase I hear from Sue Ellen after she has had her second cup of coffee for the morning. Four weeks ago, “What’s the Plan, Stan?” meant what are we going to do today? Are we going to go skiing? Or maybe shopping? Perhaps a movie? Or maybe a trip down to Denver? That is what the phrase meant four weeks ago. But today the choices for the “plan” are greatly restricted.

But this morning, I did not hear, “What’s the Plan, Stan?” Instead, as Sue Ellen was intently watching TV, I heard another TV talking head explain to us what our “survival plan” should be for the next 30 days. Per the television expert, our survival plan for the next 30 days should be:

  • Stay inside
  • Practice social distancing
  • We will let you know more 30 days from now!

I was furious! And frustrated. With all of the political leaders in the world. With all of the scientists on this earth. With all of the talking heads on television 24 hours a day, THIS is the best you can up with? THIS is to be my survival plan for COVID-19 for the next 30 days? I was really frustrated and angry when Sue and I began our morning walk. However, after about 50 yards, we stopped to view some buds that were popping out on some Aspens and on some bushes that lined our walking trail. And it was then that I decided to create my own “ survival plan”. I know you won’t hear this on TV. But this is my survival plan:

  • Take a brisk walk in the morning every morning. And everyone we meet we will offer them a joyous “Good morning” and a big smile
  • Practice “media distancing”. I will be distancing myself from any media droning on and on about COVID-19. I will restrict my exposure to 30 minutes every day at 5pm when I can turn on BBC World. I am sure if COVID-19 is cured tomorrow, Sue or one of my friends, will let me know.
  • I am going to look for hints of the Great Plan in the budding trees and changing landscape as we move into spring. And if I have any concerns or questions about the plan, I will take them directly to the Great Planner. I believe he will have the answers that I need.