By Darlene Muschett

It was snowing significantly on a Sunday morning at the "unholy" hour of 6am. As I looked out the window my uneasiness increased by the minute. Surprisingly, my husband was also awake. 

"Oh, Doug", I croaked. "I can't drive in this snow. You know I'm not a good winter driver...I can't  get to work today." (I was serving my first call as Assistant Pastor in Ithaca, NY, a 45 mile drive from our home in Syracuse.) "I just can't do it," I continued to whine. Opening one sleepy eye, Doug rolled over and replied, "Oh, yes you can; I'm going with you."

Oh, great, I thought. He will drive, and I can just calm down and get over my winter driving worries. As I moved toward the passenger's seat my savy spouse called out, "Oh no you don't. You are driving; I'll navigate." And so our adventure began. When I speeded up too much, Doug would advise, "Oops, slow down a little here." When I drove like a turtle travels, he would say, "Well, better speed up a bit here." And so it went until our safe arrival. 

Over the years, whenever I think of that memorable morning, I compare Doug's words to the work of the Holy Spirit. "Yes, you can; I'm going with you," he had said.

The beloved Spirit of God does not live our lives for us. We are in the driver's seat. We do the "driving." But, like my hubby, the Spirit goes alongside of us, is always with us, guiding us and loving us. As you may know, the Holy Spirit is the gift we celebrate on this and every day of Pentecost. Similarly, just as Doug's loving support and guidance were not only given to me on that daunting dawn decades ago, neither is God's gracious Holy Spirit only given to us on Pentecost. This amazing gift comes to us each day, each hour, each moment. Yes, dear friends, if we seek the Spirit, ours can be a powerful, perpetual Pentecost.

Oh, Holy One, please make us aware of your powerful, loving presence so we may grow in greater love of you and in greater service to all you have made and called good. Amen.

SCRIPTURE:  ...You will receive power when the holy spirit is come upon you. (Acts 1:8)