by Marsha Harvey

My daughter-in-law, granddaughters (Linnea and Violet), and I recently took a trip to Arizona. The weather was perfect, the Grand Canyon and other sites were all grand, and being together was awesome. What did not seem awesome was meeting a stray dog on the way to Flagstaff. On our way back to Colorado we stopped to try to collect the dog and bring her to our wonderful Summit County Animal Shelter. Despite Linnea‚Äôs dog allergy, we were all in for this mission. 

The crossroad where we had seen her was completely shut down. Nothing was open. No dog. But while searching we found a group of four other dogs. An adult male, a smaller female, and two almost-adult pups. The adult male was friendly; the others were shy. We tempted him with food multiple times, then I gave him a shove, jumped into the car, and shut the door. 

Dog rescue2Well, I guess the saying that God takes care of drunks and fools is correct, because the dog didn't freak out and attack me. He was extremely sweet, though anxious about leaving his family behind. Eventually, he settled down and slept with his head on Violet's lap. We all fell in love with him. I took him to our local animal shelter the next morning. While still in quarantine and not yet available for official adoption, he was spied by a woman who had recently lost her dog. She fell in love with him, too, and she has filled out adoption papers for him. 

I continue to visit him to remind him of what a good boy he is. His adjustment will take time and patience, but he will be worth it. Some day you may see this handsome boy running along while his mom runs or cross country skis. I am so grateful to my family for being willing to pick up a stray dog and give him another chance. 

2020 has been an awful year in many ways, but do not give up. There is a brighter future ahead. Just ask this dog!